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Snappy and "ImportError: No module named 'click.repository'"

December 15 - If you're playing around with Snappy more


Verifying post-deploy connections with conn-check

November 19 -

The Problem more


Speaking schedule

August 21 -


hippybot - Hipchat bot written in Python

September 13 - I recently had a reason to try out Hipchat more


django-form-scaffold 1.1.0 released

February 22 - Well, actually "v1.1.0": of "django-form-scaffold": was released last week, but I've been a bit too busy to blog about it since then. A quick recap for the uninitiated: _dfs_ is a set of utilities for generating the mark up and Django template code to display all the fields in a Django Form, e.g. the task of displaying each input element, … more>


Meanwhile on the Isotoma blog

July 28 - moreJust a note to say while I’ve been a little lapse on here, I have been posting on various topics (mostly Python related) to the Isotoma blog: * "Getting the name of the current view in a Django template": * "Querying Webtrends analytics via ODBC with SQLAlchemy": * "Writing interactive command line DB query tools with pyDBCLI": * "Querying Webtrends …