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Meanwhile on the Isotoma blog

1v$ date
1v$ Wed Jul 28 10:45:45 GMT 2010

Just a note to say while I’ve been a little lapse on here, I have been posting on various topics (mostly Python related) to the Isotoma blog:

* "Getting the name of the current view in a Django template":http://blog.isotoma.com/2009/12/getting-the-name-of-the-current-view-in-a-django-template/
* "Querying Webtrends analytics via ODBC with SQLAlchemy":http://blog.isotoma.com/2010/06/querying-webtrends-analytics-via-odbc-with-sqlalchemy/
* "Writing interactive command line DB query tools with pyDBCLI":http://blog.isotoma.com/2010/07/writing-interactive-command-line-db-query-tools-with-pydbcli/
* "Querying Webtrends ODBC from the command line with WebtrendsQT":http://blog.isotoma.com/2010/07/querying-webtrends-odbc-from-the-command-line-with-webtrendsqt/

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