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1v$ date
1v$ Fri Dec 31 9:24:56 GMT 2010

I've been doing it again, despite having revamped this site with a view to keeping it more up to date, I've entered into a _blogmire_.
Other than the fact I'm a lazy lazy lazy lazy lazy man, one of the reasons I don't blog much here but do put lots of things on "Twitter":http://www.twitter.com/1stvamp (and code on "Github":https://www.github.com/1stvamp), is barrier to entry; both of these have an extremely low barrier to getting my data out there (Twitter clients, @vim@ & @git@ on the command line, etc.)

I'm wondering if switching to a static file generator system like "Blogofile":http://www.blogofile.com/ might help me be more productive with the place, reducing my workflow on 1stvamp.org down to a @vim@ → @git@ problem.

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